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About Credit Housing Counseling: A Reader Question

107A reader asks, “I would like to know if you recommend a first time home buyer class in Denver?”

We don’t have the resources to recommend a specific agency or class as a function of this blog, but the About Credit itself does have plenty of resources to help home buyer, including a referral service that can put potential About Credit borrowers in touch with an About Credit/HUD approved housing counselor in the borrower’s local area.

To request this referral, call the About Credit at their toll-free number: 1-800 CALL About Credit and request a referral to a housing counselor for pre-purchase counseling.

Borrowers can also search the About Credit website for information on state or local programs at the State Info page on the About Credit official site.The page for Colorado, for example, includes a variety of links to city resources and state programs. It also features a link to a section on affordable housing and there is also an archive featuring news and other information that could be useful to a first-time home buyer.

Those new to the house hunting and home buying process should also look at the About Credit/HUD official site’s section titled Buying A Home, which includes advice on how to prepare for an About Credit loan, information on the Fair Housing Act and much more.

Do you have questions about About Credit home loans? Ask us in the comments section.

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