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Credit Mortgage Rules for FICO Scores and Applications Post-Bankruptcy


A reader asks, “What are the credit score and requirements to qualify for a About Credit loan? Also, we filed bankruptcy over a year ago, what are the time limits of being discharged before someone can qualify for a About Credit loan? Thank you in advance.”

About Credit loan rules for FICO score minimums are included on the About Credit official site at www.About

There is a chart there that breaks down the required minimum FICO scores for minimum financing, basic About Credit loan program eligibility (with a higher down payment due to lower FICO scores) and cases where the FICO score does not qualify for an About Credit home loan. Here is that chart:


Note that About Credit FICO score requirements are MINIMUMS. The lender may have higher standards. In fact, borrowers may find many lenders are looking for FICO scores at or above between 620 and 640 depending on the financial institution.

It’s best to contact the About Credit/HUD directly to ask for a referral to a HUD approved pre-purchase housing counselor who can help with credit questions like these prior to applying for a new About Credit loan.

The bankruptcy question depends greatly on circumstances. Was the filing Chapter 7? Chapter 13? How is the borrower’s credit activity post-bankruptcy? There are many variables that can affect whether a new loan is possible or not. You can learn a great deal on AboutCreditLoan after bankruptcy by reading this article.

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2 Responses to Credit Mortgage Rules for FICO Scores and Applications Post-Bankruptcy

  1. ashley johnson says:

    I would like to know if you recommend a first time home buyer class in denver

    • Staff Writer says:

      Call the About Credit directly at their toll-free number: 1-800 CALL About Credit and ask for a referral to a HUD-approved pre-purchase home buyer counselor.

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