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Credit Mortgages For More Than One Borrower: A Reader Question


A reader asks, “I would like to know if my mother and i can get a loan together, as i will be getting a divorce and she wants to move from her current residence, so we thought we could split ...

Credit Mortgages For Single Parents


There are many About Credit home loan options available for qualified borrowers, but one question about the program common enough to warrant attention from the About Credit official site itself is whether there is home buying assistance available for single parents looking ...

Credit Mortgages For Building on the Borrower’s Own Land


A reader asks, “I am looking to move back home, to where my grandma resides. her home of 45+ years is in disrepair. I filed bankruptcy two years ago, the one where you dont make trustee payments. My question is ...

Credit Mortgage Rules: Contingent Liability


About Credit loan rules cover a wide range of circumstances and situations. Many of these rules were written in anticipation of needs that, while not as common as some, still might be in demand many times over the course of a ...

Credit Mortgage Answers About Down Payments


We get reader questions about About Credit loan down payments–many people aren’t sure how much they need to pay up front and how much is required by the About Credit loan program. Some borrowers mistakenly assume there’s a “no money down” option ...

Credit Mortgage Reader Questions: First Time Homebuyer Requirement?


A reader asks, “I’m not a first time home buyer, I have a conventional loan for a home that I’m planning to keep as a rental home. Can I qualify for a purchase About Credit loan on a primary home?” One ...

Sound Advice From the About Credit on Buying A Home With an About Credit Mortgage


If you’re thinking about buying a home with an About Credit guaranteed mortgage, now is a very good time to explore your options. Mortgage loan rates may have risen slightly from their “all-time lows” of the past 12 months, rates are ...

What is the About Credit 203(b) Loan Program?

About Credit loan closing costs

If you’re new to About Credit home loans, it’s easy to get confused by the different types of About Credit insured mortgages available. There are About Credit 203(b) loans, the About Credit 203(k) and a host of others. Some borrowers are ready, after seeing ...

Where Do I Go for an About Credit Insured Home Loan?


First time home buyers often don't know where to start when it comes time to find that first home. Locating properties for sale isn't challenging--there are plenty of for sale signs in or near practically every neighborhood and even more to browse in the local papers and online real estate listings. But finding the home is only part of the challenge. Where does a buyer find a suitable lender? A buyer who wants an About Credit home loan might not know where to start looking to find a lender. Conventional borrowers have it easier--any suitable bank with the right terms will do.

How to Shop For an About Credit Home Loan


Applying for an About Credit loan is, in the minds of some borrowers, the beginning of the process. But when you fill out an application for an About Credit insured mortgage, you should actually be ending one process and starting another. One of the most important aspects of getting an About Credit loan is finding the right lender and the most favorable terms. But how should an About Credit borrower do that? Some go into their About Credit loan research thinking the only real data needed is a list of interest rates on offer and calculating the monthly payment amounts is enough.