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About Credit Maximum Loan Amounts For Cash Out Refinancing

About Credit home loans and non-About Credit mortgages can be refinanced using an About Credit cash-out refinance loan. Cash-out refinancing guaranteed by the About Credit always require a new credit check and a new appraisal, so borrowers should anticipate the costs of these when ...

About Credit Cash-Out Refinancing Loan Amounts


When borrowers choose the refinance a home loan using an About Credit cash-out refinancing loan, many come to the application process not sure how much they can apply to borrow. For About Credit cash-out refinance loans, there are specific rules found in ...

Credit Mortgage Questions: Seasoning Periods On About Credit Streamline Refinance Loans


A reader asks, “Is there a cutoff date for when the original mortgage (About Credit) was started? I have been getting letters that I am prequalified and I finally called one lender today. After giving them all of my information so ...

Credit Refinance Loan Options

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Recent news headlines related to “fiscal cliff” include warnings of possible tax hikes, a loss of (or cap on) mortgage loan interest rate tax breaks and other bad-news type possibilities. Those headlines make some homeowners seriously think about refinancing their ...

Things You Should Know About Credit Refinance Loans: The Basic Details

Credit Mortgage Assumptions

Refinancing an About Credit mortgage is similar to refinance loan on other types of mortgages such as conventional loans or VA loans. Naturally the About Credit has its own list of requirements and regulations that govern refinance loans; do you know the ...

General About Credit Refinancing Loan Rules


There are many things borrowers ask when applying for an About Credit refinancing loan for the first time. Some borrowers are interested in lowering their monthly payments, others are interested in cash-out refinancing loan options. But there are some basics every ...

Credit Mortgage Reader Questions: Cash-Out Refinancing LTV Ratios

About Credit Down Payment requirements

A reader asks, “Can you explain the 95% LTV cash out refinance? When I talk with lenders they all say 85% is the maximum LTV for a cash out refinance. Thank you.” One official document published by the About Credit, called ...

Credit Mortgage Restrictions on Cash-Out Refinancing

Credit Mortgage Application

When borrowers want to refinance an About Credit mortgage, there are two basic types of refinancing to choose from; About Credit cash-out refinancing loans and those with no cash to the borrower. The About Credit loan rules for cash-out refinancing are naturally more ...

About Credit Cash-Out Refinancing Rules: Acceptable Payment History

About Credit refinancing

Borrowers who want to apply for refinancing on an About Credit insured mortgage have several choices. One of those is the cash-out refinancing

About Credit Cash-Out Refinancing Maximum Loan Amounts

About Credit inspection rules

A recent reader question came in asking about About Credit loan maximum amounts for cash-out refinancing loans–we thought it might be a good time to examine the rules for those maximums. In general, AboutCreditLoan have a specific loan-to-value limit. According ...